Excellent Design Team

Product ID Designer  :  one person with more than 10 years experience in adult toys area

Structural Designer: 2 persons 5 years experience

PCBA Designer: 1 person 5 years experience

Product Assitant : 1 person 5 years experience

We are the team more than 5 years cooperation and more than 100+products design, Trust us you will get the market !

OEM Procedure

a. Customer share what he need 

b. ID designer share his idea 

c. Confirmation from customers

d. structual and PCBA designers work on internal fuction

e. Get the 3D printing and handmade samples

f. Customer confirm the final appearance and function

g. Final silicone and plastic mold made

h. Trial order production

k. Mass prodution

The whole procedure will last about 3 month then the mass production.