• 15 2017-12

    First Time Sex – Tips For Girls

    Frequently, when it comes to first-time sex it can be reasonably intimidating, going hand in hand with a lot of stress. Regardless of whether you’ve decided to wait to experience sex later on in your life, or prefer “the sooner, the better” mindset, your first time diving into the world of sexual pleasure can (and more often than not, will) be awkward, uncomfortable, hot and thrilling.
    Most importantly, you should always remember that consensual, protected sex is the way to go. As well, keep in mind the fact that nearly every woman’s first time, was clumsy and slightly weird or awkward (even superstars!). Here are some tips, given by experts to make the first time as enjoyable as it can be.

  • 15 2017-12

    Why do women masturbate?

    Unfortunately, it so happened, that in the past years women have been pressured into feeling ashamed for allowing themselves to masturbate. Some say, masturbation makes a female “nasty” or “hopeless”, however in reality masturbation has been proven to have numerous amazing benefits on women who partake in it. The following, are some of the most significant reasons for why women shouldn’t feel guilty for pleasing themselves sexually.