• 23 2017-12

    How to wear a cock ring right

    Cock ring (sometimes referred to as erectile ring) is, first and foremost, a serious decision for a man.

    You should choose this little thing as carefully as the wallpaper for the bedroom.

    You have to know your own body, study the available range, find out what materials are body safe.

  • 23 2017-12

    About the penis casting kit and how to use it

    Hey there, guys! You sure have come across the penis casting kits, right? What an entertainment to install a real-size copy of your partner’s penis giving his self-confidence a boost too. Now, don’t you get the hot flashes thinking about it – it’s the NO.1 hit! Making a model is a fun and informative process that is beneficial for your relationship. So let’s take a look inside the kit.

  • 15 2017-12

    How To Get a Bigger Penis

    One of the most frequent questions asked by the modern men is “How to make penis bigger?”. There are plenty of rumors concerning this sensitive issue. There are lots of misleading data thanks to a great number of spam letters and sites, which offer to buy corresponding medications or devices. In this article, we are going to discover the truth and finally find out, if it is possible to make the phallus larger.

    Before we start, we want to stress once more that the length of the manhood thing is not that important for the pleasure during intercourse especially taking into account the position of the partners. Nevertheless, we desire to present you several methods and exercises, which might be useful for making penis bigger.

  • 15 2017-12

    Tips for beginners of anal sex

    Whether, you’ve come to the decision of adding some diversity to your erotic sphere of life, or have spent some time getting ready to try out the world of anal sex, and just need some extra tips on how to make your first experience as pleasant as possible, in our article, you will surely be able to find useful and fascinating information, on this intriguing topic. Undoubtedly, our most indispensable advice is to always keep in mind that you should only involve yourself in protected, consensual intercourse.