• 26 2017-12

    Popular positions for ample cuties

    Every woman wants to feel herself desired, doesn’t she? So, despite the fact that a sensation of certain eroticism during sex is present regardless of your weight, many people still pay attention to their extra kilos and create complexes for themselves. But complexes and sex, as you know, are a bad combination.
    Leafing through various books about sexual positions like «Kamasutra», keep in mind that many options are presented by curvy models with a rather athletic body build; in real life, far from everyone can do them. You’ve probably seen cartoons where yoga beginners tie themselves in knots. This is practically the same.
    If you or your partner are well fleshed, it makes sense to use your imagination in search of a perfect position for deep penetration and comfort of intimacy.

  • 23 2017-12

    How to wear a cock ring right

    Cock ring (sometimes referred to as erectile ring) is, first and foremost, a serious decision for a man.

    You should choose this little thing as carefully as the wallpaper for the bedroom.

    You have to know your own body, study the available range, find out what materials are body safe.

  • 23 2017-12

    Sex – furniture

    There is a very popular book in the world called Kama Sutra. Different authors publish their own Kama Sutras, call them in a different manner, tell about different methods and add images, but the essence of this book is the same: the collection or even the encyclopedia of sexual positions.
    To change the sexual positions is interesting and useful, for example, many women just can’t catch an orgasm being under the man.
    I have a friend, she has a quite ordinary family: a policeman husband, a child, everyday life. She told me that she got her first orgasm only when she climbed on her husband and had a good jump on him.

  • 23 2017-12

    About the penis casting kit and how to use it

    Hey there, guys! You sure have come across the penis casting kits, right? What an entertainment to install a real-size copy of your partner’s penis giving his self-confidence a boost too. Now, don’t you get the hot flashes thinking about it – it’s the NO.1 hit! Making a model is a fun and informative process that is beneficial for your relationship. So let’s take a look inside the kit.

  • 23 2017-12

    What is fisting, anyway? Is it safe for your body?

    What is fisting, anyway? Is it safe for your body?

  • 15 2017-12

    Wet sex: shower, bath or jacuzzi

    Very often, in dramas and beautiful films about love I see the scene: a man and a woman caress each other in the bathtub, rose petals are scattered in the water, candles, a couple of wineglasses, an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne in it are around the bath.
    Unreal beautiful music is playing. And all this looks incredibly romantic and fabulous. Sometimes, I switch from beautiful films about love to porn. Why porn is not too eager to show sex in the bath or shower?
    So, let’s discuss it together.